What are Waist Snatchers?
Waist Snatchers are reshaping garments made of natural latex materials that reposition, mobilize and
breakdown adipose tissue (fat cells) in the stomach, waist and back giving an more defined waist line
resulting in an HourGlass figure.

What is Waist Training?
Waist Training is the gradual process of waist reduction using a wast training garment also known as
Waist Snatching.

Is Waist Training Safe?
Waist Training using our garments are completely safe. They are made of natural materials and also
have flexi boning. There are no type of harm that is done to the body.

What size do I need?
Our garments are equivalent to actual waist size. If you are between sizes we recommend that you select the bigger size because of the tight fit.
example: “I sometimes wear a medium/large” You should go with a size large!

Waist Snatcher Sport VS Waist Snatcher Long & The Impress Vest
The Waist Snatcher Sport is more comfortable for exercise and if you have never waist trained
before. Its for people with a short torso and a rounder tummy. It is also great for shrinking love handles
and toning the midsection and also tightens the skin.

The Waist Snatcher Long gives a tighter clinch on the lower abdomen. This is great for women who
have given birth before and has the low hanging tummy or post pregnancy pouch. The Waist Snatcher
Long also helps shrink lower belly fat and tightens the skin while giving a great back support. This
garment extends from under the bust to above the pelvis. We recommend this garment for longer torsos.
Once the lower belly fat shrink you can move to the Waist Snatcher Regular.

The Impress Vest does exactly as our Waist Snatcher Long but has straps for support and stability. The
Impress Vest covers the entire back which allows this garment to shrink upper back fat as well as lower
back fat. This garment gives great back support and added bust lift. We recommend this garment to our
heavier women to start off with then size down to our Waist Snatcher Long.

Are Results Permanent?
Yes results are permanent but like any regiment maintenance is suggested. Once you reach your goal
you should maintain by wearing your garments as often as possible.

Should I Diet and exercise?
Diet and exercise is the key to living a healthy life style. Diet and exercising while waist training will
speed up the process and you will see amazing results. Eating clean and being active will also
accelerate weight loss while waist training. If you are not active consistency is key, wear your Snatcher
for at least 8 hours a day to assure results.

When should I size down?
When your Waist Snatcher no longer feel like its compressing you on the last latch and begins to slide
and move around it is no longer effective and its time to size down.

First time use
When getting a new Waist Snatcher it may be difficult to get on and may require you to have assistance.
It may be uncomfortable the first few days but once it molds and take shape of your body it will allow you
to wear it longer. You can wear your garment on top of a shirt or cami or against the skin either way is

How to pick a color?
When placing your order, you can leave a comment stating your color choice and we fulfill your request if that color is available. However, we ship based off of size availability not color so you will be shipped which ever color we have available in your size.

Butt Lifters
Please order according to your actual panty size. 

How to care for your garments
Hand wash your garment and hang to dry only.


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