Your Size is the Best Size!
Your Size is the Best Size!
Your Size is the Best Size!

 Whew, times have certainly changed! Just decades ago, size 12 models like, The Marilyn Monroe, were considered as being plus-sized. Close your eyes and just picture her in your head. Beautiful, right?  Looking at the timeless photos of Ms. Monroe, all I see is a beautiful woman who was perfect just as is. Society has always had a way of trying to make women feel insecure about their body type/size. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. No matter what size you are, someone is attracted to you! Keep in mind to always love and be attracted to yourself firstly! Opinions are… well you know the rest!  
Here is a look at some of our favorite “plus-size” models:

Model:  simonemariposa

   Model: lessance

Model:  makeupbyicess

Model: tabriamajors

Model: keytoanewera

                     Model: tessholliday